A new generation of feed prebiotics


Arabinoxylo-oligosaccharide (AXOS) is a feed ingredient composed of oligosaccharides from arabinoxylan. AXOS is a new generation of soluble prebiotic fibers to be launched in 2018 obtained from the bran of corn through a state-of-the-art fiber separation and enzymatic extraction process located in Dunaföldvár, Hungary, operated by Pannonia Ethanol. AXOS is GMO, gluten and antibiotic free and is considered a feed material according to EU regulation. Moreover, its composition is well documented, constant and guaranteed throughout the year, thus ensuring a reliable supply.


Soluble prebiotic fibers in powdered form are easy to use and compatible with different manufacturing processes in animal nutrition such as pelletization and extrusion. In addition to having superior technical properties and tolerance, soluble fibers are known to be selectively fermented by colonic microflora, thus contributing to the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the colon and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacterial populations. Soluble fibers are increasingly the perfect solution for feed producers looking for alternative methods to prevent pathogen colonisation and eliminate the use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs).


Nutritional Benefits

A growing body of evidence and studies show that soluble fibers can:

  • Provide for optimal growth and performance
  • Improve nutrient absorption and feed efficiency
  • Contribute to optimal digestive health and improved immune function
  • Enhance resistance to bacterial infections
  • Support healthy ageing of all animals

Technical Benefits

  • Exhibit very high thermal and pH stability
  • Feature high solubility, appealing taste and colour
  • Offer unique and flexible functional properties
  • Allow for low blending rates and thus a competitive process economy
  • Fulfil the highest quality, environmental and safety standards


> 10,000 tons of AXOS available starting in 2018
Trial amounts of AXOS are available now
Lower cost than any competing product
The best prebiotic at the best price. Period.

About us

Pure Fiber Ltd. is an Irish-based ingredient company established in 2016 to commercialise the technologies developed by Carbiotix AB, an award-winning Swedish biotechnology start-up. The production partner of Pure Fiber is Pannonia Ethanol, Europe’s largest and newest ethanol production facility located in Hungary. Pannonia Ethanol is GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Scheme certified.

The mission of Pure Fiber is to bring to market highly effective and affordable prebiotic soluble fiber ingredients for pet food, human food and nutraceutical applications.

Pure Fiber

For further information or formulation discussions, contact us at:

Pure Fiber Ltd. • 6 Fitzwilliam Place • Dublin D02 XE61 • Ireland

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This Pure Fiber BioAXOS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 805990

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